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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween is Near. Enter if you Dare

Before I start my actual topic, here is an update since the last one. 

I never received a call back from the bank after my phone interview.  That's okay because I learned the bank was going to be one of the banks that are going to start charging people to use their money if they used their debit card to make purchases.  The temp agency called me last week and submitted my resume again for another position with the international company I interviewed with previously.   I went to the interview and she thought I was nice, but again, rejected. It's okay it helps me learn about myself and learn the things that I should and should not say or ask.  She misinterpreted something I had said about a class, which I want to clear that up but the damage is done I suppose?

So now, I will probably start working for my friend at her daycare.  It is an extra income coming in, so it's better than nothing right now.  I'm in the hectic process of moving and I HATE moving and having to unpack and organize and all that stuff.  I would rather not have to go through it.  But I am going to have one huge yard sale so hopefully I can make some money off of it and get rid of some things I just don't use anymore.

Onto my creation.  I made some Halloween cards for the daycare workers and I am actually working on treat bags for the kids at the daycare as well as I made homemade coloring "books" they are little note card size books and I have 28 to make.  Oh my hands have begun to hurt as I started them back in September and I try to do 2 a day but some days I can't do that and I don't work on them on the weekends.  But I will post the treat bags in a later post. 

This post is one Halloween card in particular.  I saw Christina, from creations with Christina, do a diamond fold card and I wanted to try it out.  Well....it was a touch and go effort.  I did it but I shouldn't have chose a stripe or a image going a specific way for the papers.  Dots, solids or if you can cut your stripe paper the correct way to match up and be pretty than you can do stripes.  I also thought after I glued all the pieces down it looked alot better with the pumpkin pie from Stampin' Up on the front and would've looked good with that as a mat for all other pieces as well. But ya live and learn.  Ya make mistakes.  I also made a gate-fold card that Mary at CardzTV did on YouTube and I did it with a ghost and a grave plot.  I love how it turned out!!  It is really cute!!

I can't remember off the top of my head what the measurements are but when I get them I will post them down below my picture.

As I said I can't even remember the paper I used or the measurements, so once I get those or at least a link to Christina's youtube where you can get this diamond fold I will post it.

Everyone have a safe month and a safe Halloween!!!

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  1. Well, I'm sorry to hear about the bank position...I can't believe those crazy fees they are charging. You are right, something is better than nothing, wish you best of luck! Cute Halloween card, wow, 28!