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Monday, September 19, 2011


Yay!! I have my very first follower!  Thank you Silvia for following me! I went to your blog and I love that last project with the 3 gift card holders in it.  Very cute! I like how it looks like an envelope but it's a slot.  Gonna have to check out more of your talent.

Okay, so the last post was about an office position that I interviewed for.  I went to it, and was out in 5 minutes.  She was looking for someone that would retire for them.  The position did not have any Accounting related material whatsoever, so I know I would not have stayed there forever.  But I have been in the process of becoming a teller for a known southern bank.  I have a phone interview on Thursday so I am hoping that goes well.

As I am still looking on my own for a job, I have went through a local temp agency specified for office and accounting jobs.  I had an interview for a INTERNATIONAL company but they went with someone else that had more experience than I did.  But my staffing assistant said she wanted to place me in the other department instead of the one I interviewed for.  I am hoping that it goes through because I would love the job.  Even though they are an international company, the corporation is in California, not TN. So the work environment was right down my alley.  Cubicals and she described it as her second family, which is what I love.  I love knowing you can put 100% of your trust in others and can ask for help whenever needed. 

I have made some cards lately.  I have decided to start making cards and scrapbook layouts to sell on the side for extra cash.  Jeremy is the only one working right now, and the teller position I went for is part time but is almost an hour away.  It's better than nothing in this world, definitely.  But I made a diamond fold card and grabbed the measurements for a gatefold as well as a petal card. 

I will post the halloween card I made after this post, I just wanted to share my update with everyone!

thank you for being a 2nd and a half family to me!  I love crafty friends! :)

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  1. Hi Jenn! Sorry to hear no luck with that accounting position....something will come up soon! I love those charms you made with the sand, they are so cute. I picked up some of those glass tubes at Hobby Lobby, just thought they were so cute. Looking forward to your next projects....