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Saturday, June 9, 2012


Hi everyone,

I am so sorry that I have not been able to upload and do as much with my blog and my youtube channel as I would like to. I have been extremely busy with trying to finish college classes and working.

So the first thing was that my job extended up until June. I finished my job, and the coworker that was temp as I was when we first started, she actually started working on the original departments files indexing for them, so I was out of a job basically. Well my boss told me that some jobs were going to become available and for us to apply for them. So we did.

We are now (when I say we I am talking about my co-worker and myself) temp to hire Billing Analysts. I am very excited, I have 2 more weeks of training to do and I can finally say that my college degree and my 6 yrs in college has finally paid off! I am excited and cannot wait to start this journey.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Momma just got a new machine along with a new job.

I am not your average girl. I don't like makeup, I don't like wearing dress clothes or dresses. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. Heck, I HATE SHOPPING! Clothes shopping that is. Craft shopping would be easier if my daughter would behave.  Anyhow. What does that have to do with my topic? Well I bared my FIRST EVER black friday sale.  No, I wasn't one that stood in line at a target or Best Buy to get something for cheap. I made sure it was daylight if I stood outside and or I was able to go inside. That is why I only went to Michael's and Wal-mart.  I had NO intention of getting the Imagine for black friday. I had wanted it, but it wasn't something I was DYING to have. IDK, I guess b/c I love being able to make my own paper, it comes in handy when you are on a budget and or need it right then and there and have no means of getting it besides off the internet.

So Michael's opened at 4 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day. Of course I was going for one thing, cricut cartridges at $24.99 a PIECE! Oh yes. My first time shopping this crazy weekend, and I was the second person there. There was a mom and daughter in the other car and I got there an hour early I figured with carts being that cheap it would be packed.  Well it was...after about 3:50!! LOL.  I grabbed two new ones I wanted: Ribbons and Rosettes and Something to Celebrate for $24.99!!!! I mainly wanted the Ribbons and Rosettes so I could cut them out and make it whatever I wanted easier than creating a Gypsy file and doing it that way (Which I have done).  now since I have the imagine I can print and cut the ribbons and rosettes out and use whatever I have for a cart or color on the Imagine.

I do have one problem.  My Imagine color is "off". This is what happened: Last night, I wanted to cut an envelope for my summer album I was attempting to finish up. Well, I used a RGB code for Eggplant Envy and it is suppose to be a PURPLE color. This was not a purple color. It came out MAGENTA. As in hot pink! :(  Idk what to do. I guess I'll be making another call to PC Monday after work to see what the issue is.  First, I had lines in my print outs, then I cleaned the heads and the lines went away, but now my color is off completely.

My job has changed. I am under a contract for the government and I am indexing in the A.R. department! I am SOOO excited. I get to listen to music while I work and they are very nice there. I like it. I wish it was more than a 4 week duty however!

Thank you all for following my blog, I appreciate it and I hope to have a video or some Christmas cards to put up as that time is only 22 days away! AHHHH!!!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Halloween is Near. Enter if you Dare

Before I start my actual topic, here is an update since the last one. 

I never received a call back from the bank after my phone interview.  That's okay because I learned the bank was going to be one of the banks that are going to start charging people to use their money if they used their debit card to make purchases.  The temp agency called me last week and submitted my resume again for another position with the international company I interviewed with previously.   I went to the interview and she thought I was nice, but again, rejected. It's okay it helps me learn about myself and learn the things that I should and should not say or ask.  She misinterpreted something I had said about a class, which I want to clear that up but the damage is done I suppose?

So now, I will probably start working for my friend at her daycare.  It is an extra income coming in, so it's better than nothing right now.  I'm in the hectic process of moving and I HATE moving and having to unpack and organize and all that stuff.  I would rather not have to go through it.  But I am going to have one huge yard sale so hopefully I can make some money off of it and get rid of some things I just don't use anymore.

Onto my creation.  I made some Halloween cards for the daycare workers and I am actually working on treat bags for the kids at the daycare as well as I made homemade coloring "books" they are little note card size books and I have 28 to make.  Oh my hands have begun to hurt as I started them back in September and I try to do 2 a day but some days I can't do that and I don't work on them on the weekends.  But I will post the treat bags in a later post. 

This post is one Halloween card in particular.  I saw Christina, from creations with Christina, do a diamond fold card and I wanted to try it out.  Well....it was a touch and go effort.  I did it but I shouldn't have chose a stripe or a image going a specific way for the papers.  Dots, solids or if you can cut your stripe paper the correct way to match up and be pretty than you can do stripes.  I also thought after I glued all the pieces down it looked alot better with the pumpkin pie from Stampin' Up on the front and would've looked good with that as a mat for all other pieces as well. But ya live and learn.  Ya make mistakes.  I also made a gate-fold card that Mary at CardzTV did on YouTube and I did it with a ghost and a grave plot.  I love how it turned out!!  It is really cute!!

I can't remember off the top of my head what the measurements are but when I get them I will post them down below my picture.

As I said I can't even remember the paper I used or the measurements, so once I get those or at least a link to Christina's youtube where you can get this diamond fold I will post it.

Everyone have a safe month and a safe Halloween!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Yay!! I have my very first follower!  Thank you Silvia for following me! I went to your blog and I love that last project with the 3 gift card holders in it.  Very cute! I like how it looks like an envelope but it's a slot.  Gonna have to check out more of your talent.

Okay, so the last post was about an office position that I interviewed for.  I went to it, and was out in 5 minutes.  She was looking for someone that would retire for them.  The position did not have any Accounting related material whatsoever, so I know I would not have stayed there forever.  But I have been in the process of becoming a teller for a known southern bank.  I have a phone interview on Thursday so I am hoping that goes well.

As I am still looking on my own for a job, I have went through a local temp agency specified for office and accounting jobs.  I had an interview for a INTERNATIONAL company but they went with someone else that had more experience than I did.  But my staffing assistant said she wanted to place me in the other department instead of the one I interviewed for.  I am hoping that it goes through because I would love the job.  Even though they are an international company, the corporation is in California, not TN. So the work environment was right down my alley.  Cubicals and she described it as her second family, which is what I love.  I love knowing you can put 100% of your trust in others and can ask for help whenever needed. 

I have made some cards lately.  I have decided to start making cards and scrapbook layouts to sell on the side for extra cash.  Jeremy is the only one working right now, and the teller position I went for is part time but is almost an hour away.  It's better than nothing in this world, definitely.  But I made a diamond fold card and grabbed the measurements for a gatefold as well as a petal card. 

I will post the halloween card I made after this post, I just wanted to share my update with everyone!

thank you for being a 2nd and a half family to me!  I love crafty friends! :)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Job interview today.

I am nervous as all get out today. I have my first job interview since 2007 for a local company. It is for an office position and I hope I am given a chance to work with them. It will be my first job in 5 years almost. I focused on school and then I had Hannah so I focused all on school and being a parent. Being that parent teaches a person alot though. Ive been taught patience from Hannah. Ive learned to put others before myself, but I have always done that. Shes taught me to believe in myself and I can achieve anything I put my mind too. Wish me good luck as I venture off.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I wanted to update everyone, it doesn't seem like it has been May since my last posting.  But right now, I am posting to non-existent people.  I have no followers :(  Not saying that no one at least comes to my blog, but I have not obtained any as of yet.  I hope that changes soon.  I love being able to share my creations with others and I love having the crafting friends associated with it.  It brings joy to my heart to know others out there care for what I'm doing.  I know everyone has a different taste in what they like, but I really enjoy vibrant, bright and brilliant projects.  I'm sure I may branch out from that later down my scrapbooking time. 

I have a 2 year old daughter, so that helps with my bright and brilliant colors for right now.  But I'm ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY obsessed with pretty plaid patterns and polka dots.

I finally got my Cricut Expression 2. I just wish I had more time to play around with it than I have to make sure the layering is correct on it.  I guess that's been a big issue for the machine.  I tried cutting out an old Gypsy file on my E2 and my original E, and it was not layering right. So I remade a file, evidently my file was corrupt.  It stunk b/c I already cut the chipboard and glued the pattern paper on it, but I can always file the sides down a bit. 

Right now, I have a couple of classes left before I receive my Bachelor's.  I've been actively looking for a "starter" job, since I've been out of work since 2007 because of school and then having a child.  Jeremy is back to work on the road because it's fast money and alot of money at the same time.  We have hopes and dreams of having a nice home, doesn't have to be a big huge house, just something to call "ours" and just providing financially for our kids.  I have goals and aspirations of going to the beach every year, or at least some sort of actual "vacation" getaway.  I live about an hour and a half from the Smoky Mountains, so a cabin is nice for one of those and trips to the theme parks or something.

But I figured I'd just update everyone on how I was doing.  Kathy at Paper Phenomenon, had a video last year of a mini album backpack.  I recently did it, but I bought bags that were HUGE, and didn't know it.  So I had to use them they were on clearance for 9 CENTS a piece! LOL.  But I made it with a few changes to the sizes of paper, chipboard, etc.  But I could've done better.  I did use a hot glue gun and OUCH!!  I can't use them things.  I used a brayer to flatten my paper out and then that didn't even work much but it's mine, and it's for Hannah and I am hoping to make my friend a boy one and then if I have more kids one for her. 

Everyone have a terrific day and I hope that I can start making more projects and maybe selling what I make to others.  IDK, yet.  Still undecided on all of that stuff.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happier than a snake with a big ole rat for supper!!!!

Can you tell I am a Southern gal?  Of course you should tell just by the title of this posting!!  Let me tell you a little about my story on why I am soooo happy!

It all started when I heard about the Cricut Expression 2.  I started my scrapbooking back around 2005. I did not truly get into the scrapping till 2008 when I found out I was pregnant.  I received a Cricut Expression for Christmas that year, along with Design Studio.  I will be honest, I hate design studio.  It is hard for me to move objects around and get them exactly how I want them to be.  I played with design studio a bit, but I had to put more focus on my little baby girl and my school work. 

Throughout the 3 years I have built up my scrapping supplies.  I got a Gypsy for Christmas this past year and I LOVE IT!!  I use it so much.  It is great when you are wanting to make a shape mini album or word book.

As I think fall or winter came around last year, My Pink Stamper, and some others that had been at CHA and made YouTube videos, posted on this new machine that Cricut was coming out with.  I liked the imagine, but I don't like how the images look.  I don't want to have to buy ink as well.  It maybe a future investment when my craft area isn't half of a bedroom!

But as I saw this video I was like that's cool.  Well I think Robyn, my pink stamper, had received hers and was playing with it, I was like WOW!!  I have got to have this machine!!

News had spread that it was launching on HSN on April 26th, 2011.  I have NEVER order off any shopping channel in my LIFE. I order online and at local stores.  I did not know how that type of stuff worked. I didn't know they had 'flexible pay' and you didn't have to pay the full amount right up front.  I forgot it was launching, and the darn thing sold out!!  I was sad :(

After a while I was like, maybe they will air it again once they get more.  I had read horrible stories on the cricut MB bout orders getting cancelled and cards being "declined" for no reason.  Then I went to Cricut's product page and there it sat on the page, with a COMING SOON!!  On it! I was like yes!! I have them as a friend on fb and as soon as they announced it was on their product page to purchase. I put my order in!! I know it won't ship out for another 9 or so days, but I have mine "saved" if you want to use that word!  I am SUPER DUPER EXCITED!!  I can't wait to make videos using it and I am keeping my other one as Hannah has a love for paper :) 

I can't wait everyone!!  Hopefully everything goes smooth with the updates and the machine itself!!

Everyone have a terrific day!!